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Water Balance, LLC Is In Renewal

   By the middle of 2015, Water Balance was granted a listing as an independent consultant on the California Irrigation Management site CIMIS. This is the foundational resource Irrigation Specialists use in California, for design and also for post-design services like irrigation water budgeting.
   In Arizona, we have been blessed with our own public-access system for irrigation system design and post-design advisement, AZMet.

    Since Fall of 2013, new projects have kept us busy.  Our business model is an expansion model. To succeed in business growth, the Water Balance model uses the following 4 pilars in each and every contract proposal we offer:

1) Intentional Design Practices

2) Familiar Operation Practices

3) Essential Crop Feedback Practices

4) Best Water Measurement Practices


All four pilars help the technical water challenges producers face. To master your water balancing acts...with more narrow variances across the farm, higher water and nitrogen efficiencies, and improved certainty. We argue that all four legs must be established and maintained by management.  This is our selling point.

Only Water Balance offers Conservation Activity Plan 118, an AZ NRCS activity reserved for private enterprise, often with cost-sharing by USDA, and Arizona Conservation Tax Credit ready.

Why would we be listed by CIMIS and NRCS?
  • Certified by irrigation industry -'92 --'14
  • USDA Registered TSP; promoting smaller government with private sector collaboration- '03 -- '14
  • M.S., Agribusiness, ASU - '89
  • Technical Leader at ADOT- ''97 -- '03
  • Technician, then Assist. Agronomist at Chemonics -         '78 -- '83
(click to see the CAP118 brochure adapted to Arizona; call for a quotation)

GROUNDWATER MANAGEMENT IN 2015, achievement date uncertain:

Politics aside, regulators in Arizona and California are hoping to build sustainable, consensus-based improvements to prolonged over-drafting of legacy ground water resources. 

Only one company, with support from Western Growers Association, has developed (with guidance from NRCS) a probable way to protect landowner's water rights, while "leasing" water to others for their own uses, through water transfer's, though this latter term is fraught with legalalities that probably keep as many lawyers busy as farmers. Keep watching!