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Our irrigation system assessments are intended to evaluate system performance
Then we help think about development of a Master Plan.


Inside the Ag-Urban interface, most facility managers have little interest in becoming irrigation specialists themselves. They have enough on their plates.

Across the line, ranchers and farmers in Arizona and Califonia would not be in business today if they didn't have very good skills and knowledge in irrigation.

If the irrigation industry promises to improve your irrigation effectiveness and efficiency by using their products, we suggest you allow us to narrow down the field of options that meet your budget and engineer the highest performance system from those decisions. Click here about Water Sagacity

   In a new report called Risky Business, Risk Committee member George Shultz recalls when he was serving as Pres. Reagan’s Secretary of State in 1987.. He urged the President to take action on that decade’s hotly-contested scientific issue: the ozone layer. As Shultz later said in an interview with Scientific American, “Rather than go and confront the people who were doubting it and have a big argument with them, we’d say to them:
Look, there must be, in the back of your mind, at least a little doubt. You might be wrong, so let’s all get together
on an insurance policy.”  (S.A, 1987)

   That insurance policy became the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, an international treaty still in effect to this day.
   paraphrasing, "Our goal with the Risky Business Project is not to confront the doubters. Rather, it is to bring American business and government—doubters and believers alike—together to look squarely at the potential risks posed by climate change, and to consider whether it’s time to take out another insurance policy."

Uniquely offering Conservation Activity Plan 118, an AZ NRCS activity reserved for private enterprise

with cost-sharing by USDA

  • Certified by irrigation industry
  • USDA Registered TSP; promoting smaller government with private sector collaboration
  • M.S., Agribusiness, AZ State University
  • Irrigation Technical Leader at AZDOT
  • Assistant Agronomist at Chemonics

(click to see the CAP118 brochure adapted to Arizona; call for a quotation)


How one contractor solved a real dilemma for AZ DOT enabling the elimination of four irrigation starts per year to save 196,000 gallons per mile.

At City of Mesa, for example, that's a recoup of an estimated $15,947......and growing !


YOU GOTTA  pdf/Silva.pdf SEE THIS.... a  PARTIAL SOLUTION TO: (click image from Risky Business June, 2014)

Risky Business June 2014