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•    Statement on copyright

•   This website ( all rights of the copyright owner. They are not authorized.

•   All files in this website are only limited to the purpose of information, non-business or individual. They can’t be replicated or announced in any network computers or are allowed to be promoted in any media. No one is allowed to use it without permit of the publishers (including but not limited to illegal replication, promotion, exhibition, mirror, download, upload), or else the copyright owner would claim for their legal responsibilities.


•   Disclaimer

•   The copyright owner has the right of timely altering contents in this website without prior notification.

•   The copyright owner does not guarantee or declare whether materials exhibited are correct, comprehensive or carry the late data or not.

•   All pictures (including but not limited to illustration, perspective drawing and designing picture) in the website, models and character depictions in the website are taken as reference information. They do not call for commitment.

•   Copyright owners and the company do not undertake any responsibilities for losses incurred by trade due to this website or by relying on its contents.

•   The website is stated in Chinese, English and Japanese. The Chinese edition prevail when the three versions vary.

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