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Zhonghong business school
Zhonghong Business School

With knowledge and action going hand in hand, it is going after perfection. With a broad platform, it is building a first-rated team, servicing the production line of the company, boosting all employees’ quality and re-shaping company culture. Milestone for talent strategy in Zhonghong Pulin group.

Talent concept
Talent Concept

Acountry is established with talents and business is boosted by talents. Talents form the prime productivity for leap-frog development. Zhonghong Pulin pays attention to efficient mechanism for cultivating talents. With its broad platform and broad for promoting talents, it loves, pities, respects, hunts for, utilizes and fosters talents and puts talent issue as an important strategic position.

Recruitment information
Job Offers

Zhonghong Pulin is roundly forging a company with first-rated scale, brand and team. It attempts to provide all-out development system and fat payment welfare. To choose Zhonghong Pulin is to accomplish a professional career.

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